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Learn how your business can use audio to enhance your services, create new engaging content and, transform how you communicate with your customers

About Listen to Business

Listen to Business draws the expertise of Dave Howell – Nexus Publishing and Mark Kendrick – Ventoux Digital together into a new business.

Designed to evolve how audio can be used across the business landscape, Listen to Business provides a range of services including the creation of podcasts, business audiobooks and audio reports, white papers, blog posts and long-form content.

Listen to Business can help with not just producing your podcasts, but also help you expand how you use audio right across your business. Audio reports, audio whitepaper and audio eBooks can all be used to engage with your customers, who are craving new audio content.

Dave Howell

Dave Howell


Mark Kendrick

Mark Kendrick



Join the podcast revolution today!

Create professional podcasts with services from Listen to Business. We have all the skills and technology your business needs to connect with your audience.

Business Audiobooks

Give your business book a new dimension

Audiobooks continue to expand. Create an audiobook of your business book. With specialist skills, Listen to Business can take your book to the next level.

Audio Content

Audio reports, whitepapers, blogs and articles

Learn how to add an audio version of your business materials. Offering an audio format for reports, whitepapers and blogs, is a great way to connect with your customers.

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