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Why your business needs an audio strategy

Spoken word content has massively expanded over the last three years. There are approaching a million podcasts to choose from. Audiobooks are seeing a renaissance, as consumers look for efficient ways to consume content. If last year was the age of video, 2020 is the start of the business audio age.

Audio Content

The New Yorker regularly converts its features into audio versions. The global blogging platform Medium enables its contributors to record narrated versions of their posts. And spoken word reports and audio whitepapers are also now appearing.

Essential Skills

At Listen to Business we have the twin skills of journalism and audio production to enable us to offer audio versions of your business’s content. No matter what kind of written content you have, we can help create engaging audio versions of these materials. 

Images and Graphics

If your report, whitepaper or book contains diagrams, charts or other graphical content, we can show you how your audio content can link to this online resources. If you thought your business’s written content couldn’t have an audio version – think again.

Business Audio Content

“I’m so hot on audio. We are doubling down on audio. We need to seize on the huge shifts in audience behaviours; we can no longer multiply attention on multiple screens.”

Josep Hernandez

Senior Director of Media and Total Connections Planning at PepsiCo.*

“Audio is definitely having a massive renaissance. It’s amazing, because we’re used to speaking to each other and listening to music every single day, but now we’re having this new layer of interactivity with audio through media in a brand-new way, which is incredibly exciting.”

Sarah Stringer

Head of Innovation at Carat U.S.*

“We totally recommend that our clients always have an audio strategy because audio is ubiquitous. Audio truly touches everything; it’s mobile, personal, social, interactive, engaging, emotional, live. But more importantly, as podcasts, speakers, smart devices and connected cars continue to grow, our clients need to understand how sound and voice can work for their brands.”

Jennifer Hungerbuhler

EVP Managing Director of Local Audio and Video Investment at Amplifi.*

*Pandora 2020 Definitive Guide to Audio Report.

Audio Long Reads

Audio is not just podcasting or audiobooks. There is a new audio format that is taking shape: Audio Long Reads.

Audio Long Reads transform the new written content your business is producing into highly engaging audio your customers and commercial partners can consume with ease.

Listening instead of reading has become commonplace thanks to podcasting, but what if your business’s reports, blogs, whitepapers and case studies could all have an audio version? And don’t forget the vast archives of content your business contains. This content can have a whole new lease of life converting this material to Audio Long Reads.

Recent Audio Long Read


Why CEOs Must Reset Their Thinking

The Future CEO Audio Long Read

This Audio Long Read is an extracted feature from the recently published special report focusing on the future CEO.

In this feature, Nick Easen assess why CEOs must reset their thinking in the wake of COVID-19 and, how the pandemic may change how they view, operate and develop their businesses in the future.

 |    10 min

Voice Artists

Choosing the right voice artist for your content is crucial. As part of your business’s audio strategy, a voice artist can become the sound of your business. Whether you want to convert blog posts, features, reports or whitepapers into audio versions, we have a range of voice artists to choose from. If you can’t find the right voice for your business from the selection we have, there are hundreds of other voice artists available.


Can an audio version of any written content be produced?

Yes, any of your business’s written content can be converted to audio format. The audio content you can create can also be enhanced with music and sound effects. It’s important to understand how the written word can be converted to the spoken word and how the different formats need to be handled.

Which voice will be used to create our audio content?

You have complete control over how the audio version you want to create will sound. Anyone can read the written content. Listen to Business also works with a number of professional voice artists. You could choose one of these professionals to become the ‘voice’ of your business.

Where can we use our new audio content?

Everywhere! On your website, social media channels and even embedded into other reports, your new audio content is versatile. When the audio file is completed, this can be hosted in a number of formats. Listen to Business can help you make the most of your spoken word content.

How does the audio version manage graphics and images?

Any kind of graphical content can be linked to from the audio version we can create for your business. This content can be hosted on your website. A simple audio cue can be used, so listeners know when you are talking about some graphical content.

Can we place ads in the audio content we create?

Placing ads within your audio content isn’t complicated. You may have already heard ads or sponsors spots in the podcasts you listen to. We can place ad breaks in your audio content to showcase specific products or services you want your listeners to be aware of.

What is the cost of producing audio content?

The cost of your new audio content will depend on the length and complexity of the written work you want to convert to audio. Listen to Business will work with you to understand what you want to achieve with your spoken word content. Who the audience is and how additional content such as music and sound effects could be used in your audio content. You will always have a clear understanding of the overall costs.

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