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“The fourth screen is audio. We’re seeing that start to evolve as a key strategic thought process for brands and agencies.”
John Trimble, CRO at Pandora.

Meet The Team

Mark Kendrick

Mark Kendrick


Mark Kendrick has been in the radio and podcast space since 1998. Over this period Mark has gained vast experience in editing, producing, assistance and consulting with go-to market strategies.

Most of this time has been within the Business to Business space in the tech industry and has worked with a number of key industry leaders.

Mark studied a degree in Radio Production at the University of Manchester. He has also worked at the BBC, various commercial and internet radio stations.

Ventoux.Digital assist businesses in creating high-quality audio productions.

Podcasting is the same, there are many ways to reach success, but the beauty is in the stories and how you tell it. Ventoux.Digital is able to help in many ways on your climb to the top.

Dave Howell

Dave Howell


Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing.

I have been working as a freelance writer, journalist, and publisher for the last 25 years. I specialise in technology and business subjects.

My work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines.

As a content producer, I understand the power that a well-crafted piece of content can have for a business. Having produced everything from blog posts to extensive reports, I can create any kind of content to help a business reach its customers.

I’m also a content strategist. If your business needs to create content but needs help getting started, or needs to expand its existing content, I can help you create a strategy that will result in world-class content that will speak and engage with your audience.

Our Goals and Vision

Having worked together for several years on various projects, the intersection with journalism with audio became increasingly apparent. Many of the conversations we had turned to how traditional content would evolve, and how businesses could leverage these new forms.

The podcast has exploded to become one of the most popular forms of content being consumed. There are 700,000 podcasts currently available. 25% of the U.S. population listens to at least 1 podcast every week. And those listeners spend, on average, 6.5 hours/week listening.

Creating high-quality podcasts is the core service Listen to Business provides. As specialists in the B2B sector, we have the breadth of knowledge, skill and experience to create highly targeted podcasts.

Listen to Business wants to innovate how audio is used across your business. If you are a business book author, we can create a professional audiobook. If you have reports, white papers, blog posts, thought pieces or any other content, audio can add a new unique dimension to your enterprise’s content.

Who We Are

Listen to Business draws the expertise of Dave Howell – Nexus Publishing and Mark Kendrick – Ventoux Digital together into a new business. Designed to evolve how audio can be used across the business landscape, Listen to Business provides a range of services including the creation of podcasts, business audiobooks and audio reports, whitepapers, blog posts and long-form content.

According to Ofcom, over 7 million people in the UK now listen to a podcast every week.

The question your business needs to ask is: have you got an audio strategy?

Listen to Business can help with not just producing your podcasts, but also help you expand how you use audio right across your business. Audio reports, audio whitepaper and audio eBooks can all be used to engage with your customers, who are craving new audio content.

For business authors, an audiobook is the perfect format to expand your audience. If you thought audiobooks were just for fiction writers, think again. Listen to Business can help you create a unique audio version of your book.

Our Story

Listen to Business is the product of many conversations about how businesses create content and how this material is communicated to their customers and audiences. It became clear very quickly that the podcast phenomenon together with the sustained explosion in audiobooks, that audio as a content format was moving through a renaissance.

With little coherent and targeted information about how audio could be used in a wider business context, Listen to Business was born. The core goal is to elevate the podcast to become a key business channel.

Mark has vast experience of audio production. Seeing first-hand how audio tools have progressed and, how audio content could be used for much more than just podcasts, it was a great fit to partner with a journalist and writer. Dave has been writing in the B2B space for over 25 years.

Always looking to innovate content formats and production, audio was ideal to offer new kinds of content to businesses, authors, marketers and any content producer looking for a new way to present their material.

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